Hello dear ones! This past weekend Michael’s good buddy Olivia (who was born the same day) had her 7th birthday party. I asked her mom and my Best buddy Hannah to guest post. Maybe you can use her ideas for your own girly party. Just in case you didn’t see it last year, here’s the link to Olivia’s mermaid party:
Alrighty, take it away Hannah 🙂
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Hey!  Hannah here!  Amber asked me to guest blog about my daughter’s “Doll and Me Tea Party” for her 7th birthday.  Amber’s son, Michael, attended, and while I’m not sure he was thrilled with copious amounts of pink and dolls, he was the perfect gentleman and Olivia enjoyed having her buddy there. 🙂
Michael & Liam, Olivia’s brother
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Hannah & Amber
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The “Doll and Me Tea” theme was something I came up with to appease my daughter, Olivia, who was determined to…

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Why does fatherhood have to be so emasculating. The idea that manliness dissipates with each successive diaper change predominates all of popular culture in movies like ‘What To Expect’ and the television series ‘Guys With Kids’ where bjorns are used to parody the manliness of the men wearing them.

Even for women pregnancy and action are contrasted using fake superheroes like Juno’s Most Fruitful Yuki.

Fruitful YukiDespite this parody you will likely never see Wonder Woman pregnant and you will definitely not see other superheroes settle down. Superman will not have kids with Lois Lane even if it was possible with his alien DNA and Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson will never have tiny spider babies. Outside of Mr. Incredible and Big Daddy from Kick Ass there are almost no real dads doing real dad things. There are plenty of shitty dads.

Normon Osborn who becomes the Green Goblin and Magneto top…

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